In March/April/May 2013 I am planning to run a course at London Business School that perhaps best falls under the title of “Introduction to Coding for Business Students.”

The course will be aimed at those who have never coded before (or at most done a little VBA/Access/SQL hacking) and has three main goals:

  • Produce a working but very much “toy” web application (written using Ruby on Rails)
  • Provide an introduction to development workflow and in the process give some insight into a programmer’s perspective (and to a lesser extent, the perspective of designers)
  • Offer a primer on programming literacy

At this stage I’m broadly thinking this will be run over 6 three-hour sessions with some take-home work to reinforce the lesson’s teaching.

So what will students ‘touch’ in the process:

  • Virtual machines (VirtualBox)
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Ruby on Rails via RVM
  • git and GitHub

The more technical aspects of setting up development environments for teaching are covered in the following post

So for now this page is a simple placeholder for the course but if you have any questions please get in touch