Introducing, a fork of that includes almost complete Go Modules support, as well as some other bug fixes and goodies. The medium to long term plan is to have these changes be merged back into the main repo, but for now they will be maintained in this fork.

When in module mode, this fork should be used via a replace:


replace => latest

The current list of changes found in the fork includes:

  • Almost complete Go Modules support
  • Significantly improved test coverage of gopherjs via testscript test scripts
  • Quicker and more accurate gopherjs builds/installs thanks to a build artefact cache (similar to that used by cmd/go)
  • Experimental addition of MakeFullWrapper to (note this should still be imported as
  • Improved contributor experience:
    • JavaScript shims maintained in .js files
    • Node-based tooling to help format/manage the .js files
  • Various bug fixes

See the commit log for full details.