golang-tools is a development list for the Go Programming Language. The list is for discussion of the development of tools that analyze and manipulate Go source code, including editor/IDE plugins.

At GopherCon 2018, I attended the Go Contributor Summit with the hope of participating in a session where we could discuss Go Modules, tooling, editor/IDE support and the like. Then Marcel, Ian and Robert rained on my parade with the Go 2 Design Drafts!

But I got chatting to Ian Cottrell about go/packages, tooling, editor/IDE support for Go amongst other things, and thought it would be useful to gather interested parties at GopherCon to talk about all of these topics in the context of Go modules, but also generally where things are heading.

We did a best-efforts job of gathering a list of folks at GopherCon we thought would be interested in such a session. I also augmented that list with folks I knew would also be interested but were unfortunately not at GopherCon.

And so at GopherCon 2018 we held the first golang-tools session. What started as a kick-off meeting is now:

Each of the catch up sessions is recorded and published on YouTube, along with notes summarising discussion (link to published notes/recordings).

The group is open to everyone, especially those with an interest in build tools to work with the Go programming language.