As one of the co-organisers of London Gophers, along with Dominic Green, Antonio Troina and Kat Zień, I thought I would jot down a few highlights from 2018:

  • we’ve seen the community grow from 1,727 to a fantastic 2,652 members
  • by the end of the year will will have held 12 monthly Meetups at various awesome locations in London
  • enjoyed first-time talks from no fewer than ten Gophers
  • welcomed back regular speakers Daniel Martí, Liz Rice and Johan Brandhorst
  • helped to run two Go Contributor workshops (organised by Daniel Martí)
  • welcomed Kat Zień to the organising team
  • seen the growth of our YouTube channel and viewer figures thanks to the technical wizardry of Antonio Troina
  • enjoyed some hilarious tweets/gifs on our Twitter feed
  • … the list goes on

We’ve also started publishing details of how we run London Gophers in our GitHub repo. The main aim being to share our learnings with other Meetup organisers (principally in the UK, on the basis legal/financial structures will be most similar), but also to be fully transparent with our members and sponsors on how things are run.

In summary: 2018 was an exciting year, plenty to look forward to in 2019!

A huge thanks to everyone who attended any of our events, to our speakers, to our sponsors, and of course to my fellow organisers.

As ever, we greatly appreciate, welcome and encourage feedback. Please contact the organisers via